Located on a peninsula west of Queen Anne, south of the Ballard Locks, and only minutes from downtown Seattle, Magnolia with its natural boundaries feels like an island though is the second largest neighborhood in Seattle. The neighborhood has an estimated 25,000 residents, including over 14,000 within a one mile radius of this offering and is often considered one of the top one or two neighborhoods to reside in Seattle.

The Magnolia neighborhood has a remarkable and unique business district. Magnolia’s business district, the Village, is home to many specialty, high end retail stores and professional services, some of Seattle’s top restaurants, including Palisade, Tanglewood Supreme, Queen Margherita, Mondello Italian Restaurant, and Finn’s Bakery & Café. The outer rim of this unique island-like neighborhood is home to marine business and borders the Fisherman’s Terminal with docks for the fishing industry.


Popular Attractions

Magnolia area attractions


  • Total population within 1 mile radius: 14,008
  • Population growth projected to 2020: 8.74%
  • Total households within 1 mile radius: 5,840
  • Median household income: $114,275
  • Median home value: $710,275

Public Transportation

Bus lines and walking distances:
Route 19 - 0.0 miles
Route 24 - 0.1 miles
Route 31 - 0.0 miles